Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moving Along

I've been able to put a few more hours into the street illustration-

The dog-thing in the foreground is out of place and will change. Plus I need to shrink the girl down a lot to fit into the environment, but her proportion issues are a bit better.

Otherwise, I stumbled upon Jason Scheier's work here. He's a vis. development artist for Dreamworks. I love the textures he uses and the way he paints, every illustration is full of detail and is fun to look at. I think he paints over a lot of photographic sources though, I'll have to experiment myself and try to get some of my work in that style.

I also found Noah Bradley (work found here) who does environmental illustrations. He captures lighting very well and uses it to focus attention on different sections of the environments. There are also nice textures :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Updates

As you might know already, I'm creating some new work for my portfolio and trying to become better skilled in digital painting. My goal is to make a fair amount of new, better work and ultimately work as a concept artist or in another developmental role for the entertainment industry. So I believe I should focus on making production-ready work and illustrations; things like character sheets and turnarounds, environment/creature/object art, 3D models, etc.  What do you think? Feel free to comment and let me know.

Anyway, here are some image updates-

This is an environment I have in the works. It'll be a city residing on a little (and mostly precarious) rock platform in a canyon with some other buildings carved into the canyon walls. You could travel here by airships, suspension bridges all over the place (like webs), or through other houses straddled between the canyon. It might be neat to use the wear and tear of the natural elements as a part of the city in this case. For example, a river falling onto and down the platform could be splitting the platform/city in half from erosion. Maybe?

Here's another that I've still got in the works, this city one a posted before-

I still want to make it more vibrant and grungy in some places, sort of like Arkham city meets the Tokyo streets on an alien planet.

While working on this stuff I've been doing some freelance and have been increasingly interested in making a children's book. Although, as I hear, that market is flooded with people who are interested and few publishers who will take chances on new books :/ It'll be a future project to consider.

Onto making more work!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Of dungeons and gladiators

I recently finished watching the entire first season of Spartacus. Besides being incredibly violent, sometimes pornographic, and a little heavy-handed on the slow-mo, it's a good series if you can stomach it.

Overall, it has a pretty sweet graphic style with great image stills and moody scenes/epic fights. So I've started to do some practice paintings from the series, here are a few stills below-

I also finally finished the Dungeon Delve image! It, unfortunately, looks really really dull online and is actually a bit more vivid on my computer. But here it is-

I think I'm mostly satisfied with it...Her proportions are still funky and it looks over-worked. But it was a good practice nonetheless :)

On a side note: I found Justin Sweet's illustrations today, they're nice and atmospheric.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Is that progress?!

Why yes, yes it is :) A while ago I was working on an illustration for a challenge over at ArtOrder (sidenote: the site is moving here it seems). An older version of the sketch can be found here.

It seems like I worked on it forever ago and eventually I moved onto working on newer things (i.e. my previous post). Although I never entered it into the challenge, I still want to finish it now. So here it is with some more progress, I think I'm about 65% done with it.

It could definitely be a lot more moody with more vibrant colors, and maybe some nice rock textures. The body proportions are still a bit weird to me. I'll put it up on to see if I can get some crit.'s and hopefully by today I'll have it finished.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long, long time no post

It's been practically a whole month already! Time has just flown by with these past few holidays, I've spent a good deal of time traveling up and down the east coast. So here are some new in-progress works for the new year:

The above consists of some quick idea sketches for a variety of character types. I'll probably expand on these designs in the future and make a character dev. spreadsheet. I particularly like the top row of space suit/dive suit guys. Although, is it possible to draw a diver suit costume without it being likened to Bioshock now?

Here's my next in-progress work:

I decided to take a different approach to making work with this idea. Instead of building up from a blank page I tried to setup my idea with photo resources and draw on top of or from that. So far it's actually been pretty helpful, I get a better sense of the mood and lighting for the image this way. Ideally, I'll craft this into a sort of futuristic, neon city street with the girl in the foreground tracking something with her trusty (but mostly scary animal) companion.

For now her body is huuuuge in comparison to her head so that's got to change. I still haven't decided what the blue alien pedestrians will look like...But I'm fairly psyched about doing this drawing :)

More to come, hopefully in a more timely manner!